P.J. Stacio is a disabled man who pays for and rides an NFTA Service designed for person with disabilities called Paratransit.  Despite this, Mr. Stacio was left to wait in the freezing 20 degree cold for more than an hour, according to News Reports.

Mr. Stacio has appealed to Assemblyman Micky Kearns for help and answers and that's what he's getting as Kearns has publicly come out asking the NFTA for reasons as to why this happened and reportedly continues to happen.

Personally, I've had experiences with NFTA such that busses come early or just not at all and upon calling, there are nothing but excuses and reasoning expressed but seemingly no sympathy for the rider.  I must add that overall the NFTA Service in Buffalo gets an "A" .... but there are those far and few between instances (and drivers) that make the company look very bad in the eyes of the patrons

What have your experiences been with NFTA?

Here's an account of P.J. Stacio's Experience:

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