A Buffalo Jewelry Designer will appear on QVC to sell her jewelry line, which benefits charities in WNY.

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"We are a brand of jewelry and apparel founded on this symbol that spreads a message of kindness, acceptance and inclusion. But it's more than a symbol. It's a movement of kindness. It's a way to connect. It's a way to show support, love, and acceptance." ~ Embrace the Difference

Credit: WGRZ

Robyn Zimmer will be featured on QVC to sell her line of jewelry, Embrace the Difference, according to WGRZ. She started the line a decade ago to benefit the charities that helped her son, Sam, who has special needs. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 14, according to QVC. She will make her QVC debut today (February 24) at 1 pm.

She told Channel 2 that the design represents how her son had a circle of support.

"A poem about a mother's love inspired Robyn to create the Embrace the Difference symbol: a single square embraced by circles, and the jewelry line was soon to follow. Their mission is to connect with everyone, as we are all fighting our own battles. Yet, their message remains the same: be kind, we are all connected, embrace our differences and make a difference." ~ QVC

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