Given the state of the economy and the amount of debt that people in Western New York carry, it's always a good thing when you come across a nice lump sum of cash. Whether you play the lottery or your local radio station's cash contest, a chunk of money can go a long way to make things a little better.

On Facebook the other day, I asked the good people of Buffalo what they would do if they just happened upon $30,000, and while some of the answers were expected, like paying bills or going on a vacation, a few of the other answers were quite a surprise.

Several people talked about starting businesses, going on adventures, and creating memories; which got me thinking; since we're in the great city of Buffalo, what would be some great Buffalo-related things we could do with $30,000?

30 Very Buffalo Ways To Spend $30,000

If you were curious, there are some creative ways to spend 30 grand. You could do things like:

  • Buy 7,518 boxes of Cheerios; they are made in Buffalo, you know,
  • Get 1,875 tickets to watch the Buffalo Bisons at Sahlen Field,
  • Sit at Center Ice with 174 of your friends at a Sabres game in the KeyBank Center,
  • Buy 25 pairs of 50-yard line tickets at Highmark Stadium to watch the Bills,
  • Eat 3,754 Danny's Subs from Wegmans,
  • Pay 750 City of Buffalo parking tickets,
  • Snack on 2,608 Small Spaghetti Parms from Chefs,
  • Take 3,000 rides on the Riverworks Ferris Wheel,
  • Enjoy 1,153 trips along Lake Erie on the Moondance Cat,
  • Buy 6,741 bottles of Webers Mustard,
  • Buy 9202 bottles of Franks Hotsauce,
  • Snatch up 230 Josh Allen NFL Jerseys,
  • Grab yourself 750 Bills shirts from the Bills Store at Highmark Stadium,
  • While you're at it, you could also get 666 pairs of Zubbaz Shorts from the BFLO Store,
  • Hang up 133 Let's Go Buffalo Banners from Oxford Pennant
  • With all that mustard we have, your next stop must be for 4,291 bottles of Sadies Relish,
  • If you're thirsty, you could grab 3,409 beers from the concessions stands at Highmark Stadium,
  • While watching the Bisons, you could also grab yourself 15,000 TWOs-day Hotdogs at Sahlen Fields,
  • Or you could treat 1,307 people to the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet at Consumer's Pub at the Park,
  • If you like 6 Flags Darien Lake, you can grab 810 single-admission tickets to the theme park,
  • If you're a fan of Southern Tier Brewing Company's Double IPA you can grab 1,299 12 packs,
  • You could snag 1,250 bottles of Loganberry Vodka from Hartmans,
  • Or 3,003 cases of Aunt Rosies Loganberry,
  • Sabres fans can grab 171 Tage Thompson Sabres Jerseys,
  • If you're hungry, you can grab 18,779 wings from Bar Bill in East Aurora,
  • or 6,681 slices of pepperoni pizza from La Nova,
  • You could get 3 Suites to a Buffalo Bills Game,
  • Make the next Bills tailgate a hit with 667 brand-new tables from Walmart,
  • Spread all kinds of love around Buffalo with 60 Cameo shoutouts from Damar Hamlin,
  • And if none of that appeals to you, you could pay the property taxes for the average home in Kenmore for 1.5 years,

What would you spend $30,000 on?

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