It is back guys!  Our Win Cash contest is here again where you could win up to $10,000. But what if you had to spend it all in one place?  Where would you go?

As always, if you win our Win Cash Contest, you can spend it however you want. You could go on a vacation and take the whole that one toy that you've always had your eye on but never had the guts to pull the trigger on...or be responsible with it and pay your bills (yuck!).  But it comes down to the fact that you can do whatever you want.  You just have to win it first.

Listen for the codes that we give you at around :20 past every hour and be sure to enter them on our free app.  This year we've doubled the daily prize to $2000 per day.  How nice would that be to get your hands on?  Even better would be to win the grand prize of $10,000...all for just entering a code.

Now, what if there was a rule that you had to spend it all in one place?  Luckily, there's not...but just to have fun with it, if you had to spend it all at one store or one establishment, where would you head to first?  When I asked people on Twitter where they would spend it, these are just some of the places where they said they would go.

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