The Guinness Book of World Record keepers are in Buffalo today, and this time, they are not interested snow of chicken wings! Details inside. 


The Kenfield/Langfield Housing Projects host their National Night Out tonight (August 6) at 275 Oakmont St. behind the Martha Mitchell Community Center. Along with rides, a petting zoo and a fire-eating man, they also are going for the longest line dance in the world!! The folks from the Guinness Book of Records will be in attendance as the Ladies Inc. line dance crew teaches the "Jazzy T" dance to the song "Blurred Lines".

Right now the record is 3,000 people line dancing at once. Buffalo, let's put our line dance community on the map!! Shout out to Pastor Al Wilson for putting this all together.

Check out some of the hot new line dances we performed at Juneteenth this year.

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