Line Dance

world's longest line dance
The Guinness Book of World Record keepers are in Buffalo today, and this time, they are not interested snow of chicken wings! Details inside.
the birthday slide
If it's Your Birthday Make Some Noise!! DJ Maestro is back with another banger "The Birthday Slide". It's super easy and a lot of fun for the whole family. Check out the instructional video inside.
Shout out to all the line dancers from the D to B Lo...
Obama Birthday Dance
Join the Nationwide  celebration of  President Obama's 51st Birthday! Get in on this fun song & dance inside.
Meet the Inventor of ‘The Wobble’ Line Dance [INTERVIEW]
Jeremy Stong, a.k.a. West TX Jay, the co-creator of the famed Wobble Dance, checked in on The Only Night Show That Matters with Dj Supreme.
Everyone in the nation is doing this line dance, but no one knows where it came from. West TX Jay claims to know the origins, and I believe him, because he was t…