Parents, students, and coaches are excited to hear the recent news from New York State, which released new guidelines for sports and recreation to resume on February 1. According to WGRZ, teams can resume individual or distanced group training, and no or low contract group training.

This is also great news in my opinion because, I see it first hand, how some high school and even middle school students are becoming out of shape due to a lack of constructive exercise. I think the new guidelines given by New York State are not only good for high school students that are looking to pursue a career in sports but it is also good for the physical well-being of students in general.

According to WGRZ, this includes sports like basketball, wrestling, football, volleyball, ice hockey, rugby, martial arts, competitive cheer, and other sports with similar abilities to maintain physical distance. Students in these sports can participate in competitions and tournaments as permitted by the county health departments.

The decision by New York State to allow the resumption of  'high risks' sports such as youth hockey, football, basketball, and more is welcome news to all participants of these sports, their coaches, and their families.

said, Rob Ortt, the New York State Senate Republican leader, according to WGRZ.

Although traveling outside the state is still prohibited, this is definitely a win for everyone that was waiting for this day to come. As a parent of a student-athlete, I was excited to hear the news.

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