We are almost mid-way through the new year, and I believe that most people can agree that we are coming out of a year from hell. Diversity and inclusion have been the focal point of some businesses and it has really been at the forefront of many people's minds as of late.

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Independent Health and Business first are looking at the high school seniors who have been instrumental in helping their peers take positive action when it comes to social issues during these tough and uncertain times. The award and scholarship winner will be someone who will go the extra mile to bridge the divide within their schools, community and has supported people outside their own group. I think it's pretty fair to say we have seen locally, people coming together to fight for those who face racism, bias, and inequality.

The diversity and inclusion all-star nominee is someone who really understands that the work of racial injustice is imperative and that we have to care for our community and partner with organizations that have the importance of solving the issues of racism in underserved communities. Another big attribute of the nominee is someone who really cares about creating a positive change in the lives of others and cares about enhancing the community in which we live.

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I think the timing of this Diversity & Inclusion All-Star Award and Scholarship is perfect. In this current climate that we are living in, I feel that it is important to keep our young people encouraged and always having something to look forward to.

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