Buffalo is a great city and Western New York has tons of things to offer the people who live, work, and play here.

From the food, to the events and shows, to the economy, the 716 is on the upswing and because of this and other things, the area has actually been seeing population increases confirmed by data from the most recent US Census report.

While Buffalo might be the best city in New York State, that doesn't automatically mean its the place where you want to raise your family.

Is Buffalo a Good Place To Raise A Family

I have raised my family here and I am proud to say that two very good boys have been produced in the 716, but not everyone may have my same experience, so I asked our Facebook network this same question and some of the answers were surprising.

It was about equal, the amount of people who think Buffalo is a good place for families and those who disagreed.

WalletHub recently released a survey ranking the best, and worst, cities for families.

What City Was Ranked Best For Families?

After looking at several factors including housing costs, performance of schools, quality of health care systems, and other things like parks and recreational opportunity, WalletHub ranked the 180 largest American cities from best to work for families.

Fremont, California, comes in as the best city in America for families achieving high rankings for its general health and safety, local economy, and education & child care systems. While Cleveland, Ohio, comes up in last place as the worst place to raise a family with very low rankings in its housing affordability, education systems and local economy.

Where Does Buffalo Rank Nationally For Families?

Buffalo comes in at 122 on the list of 182 cities. While Buffalo ranked pretty good in housing affordability, it ranked in the middle of the pack in other areas like recreational activities, health, safety, and its educational system.

This isn't that surprising since many cities in New York State finds themselves struggling with math and reading literacy scores in schools.

Of the 4 New York cities that made this list, Buffalo is 3rd in the state, beating Rochester, but falling behind Yonkers and NYC.

You can check out the full report for yourself here.

5 Great Spots For Family Photos In Western New York

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Community Gathering for Reflection, Healing, and Hope in Buffalo

Several hundred people descended upon filled More than 16,000 people piled into the Johnnie B Wiley Amateur Athletic Sports Pavilion on Jefferson Ave to focus on reflection, healing, and hope in response to the aftermath of that terrible act of domestic terrorism. The Community Gathering for Reflection, Healing, and Hope occured on Saturday, May 13, 2023. It featured entertainment and activities to help honor the lives that were lost and impacted during the mass shooting in Buffalo 1 year ago.

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