As the city of Buffalo starts a new fiscal year with an increased tax rate for most residents, folks are now beginning to see increased taxes and fees as fee bills are now going out in the mail.

When new finances take effect, the City of Buffalo's business year starts on July 1. The first city bills of the year come out right after the first for the city's garbage and user fees.

The User Fee rates for the 2024-25 year are going up about 20% for the fixed fee, and the tote fee is going up about the same.

Ed Nice Jackson / Townsquare Media
Ed Nice Jackson / Townsquare Media

So a home with a single 95 gallon garbage tote will see their total bill increase around $30 this year. That fee increases based on the number of garbage totes you have at your property.

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In the City of Buffalo 2024-25 budget, officials have budgeted a little more than $11 million in expenses to operate the Streets and Sanitation department this year.

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Buffalo is one of the few municipalities that do not include garbage and recycling services in their normal tax bill. Homeowners and businesses are charged separately for these services. Officials send out the bill in July every year, and owners are given the option to pay the bill in one lump sum for the year or in 4 quarterly installments that are due in August, November, February, and May.

If you are a city of Buffalo resident, be on the lookout for your User Fee Bill, as it should be arriving any day. Also, be sure to make your payment as soon as possible because Buffalo adds a hefty late charge if you pay these bills late, and the city will start foreclosure proceedings if your overdue bills go more than one year past due.

For more information about the User Fee Bill or to pay online, visit the City of Buffalo User Fee website here.

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