Surprise Tax Refund Coming to Some New Yorkers This Week
Chances are if you got your tax refund from the IRS it is already gone. But there is some hope to see a surprise tax refund that could be deposited in your bank account starting this week. This is because some taxpayers overpaid taxes on their unemployment compensation in 2020.
If You Didn’t Get Your Tax Refund Yet Here Is Why
There are two types of people in the world.
Ones that scramble to get their tax documents and find someone to help them do theme days before they are due.
And then there are the people that want their money FIRST. Right out of the gate, they meet with their accountant on day #1 and hope that in no tim…
Buffalo Residents Can Get Their Taxes Done for Free
Buffalo resident? Here's what you need to get your taxes prepared for free.
The Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers is offering to do residents' taxes for free. If you make $57,000 or less in income per year, you can qualify to get your basic return prepared at no cost to you, accord…

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