A Buffalo diner was a featured in a question on Jeopardy this week!

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On Wednesday night, a "local-famous" Buffalo diner was featured on Jeopardy. Lake Effect Diner was a part of a question on the game show on Wednesday night, according to WIVB. The question, which was worth $200, was “Lake Effect in Buffalo, N.Y. is an old-school one of these, the first ‘D’ in TV’s ‘Triple-D,’." The answer, of course, was 'diner'. Curtin was just as surprised as the rest of us in Buffalo. He said he didn't know his diner was going to be featured.

“It’s funny- I was out in the garage puttering around, and in the background I had ‘Wheel of Fortune’ on. I stepped inside and all of a sudden my phone started blowing up- all sorts of friends saying “You’re on Jeopardy!” ~ Lake Effect Diner owner, Tucker Curtin

Credit: JKMCraveTV via Youtube

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