Just when you thought about grabbing all your fall stuff and a couple winter items form the attic or the basement. These summer like temp's just keep coming back. Nothing is going to feel more like Summer than Tuesday. According to WGRZ weather we might be breaking a record.

According to WGRZ weather team:

The record high for Tuesday is 81° set in 1909. The forecast for Tuesday calls for a high of 82°. We will also be near 80° on Wednesday, the record high for that day is 85°.The warmest temperature ever recorded in the month of October was 92° set back in 1927.

So what do you think? I think we going to break it and them guess what happens after that? Well by the end of the  end of the week, high temperatures only manage to reach the low to mid 50, so you might want to pull out that fall and winter gear anyway.

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