A Buffalo weather record could be broke on Tuesday
Just when you thought about grabbing all your fall stuff and a couple winter items form the attic or the basement. These summer like temp's just keep coming back. Nothing is going to feel more like Summer than Tuesday. According to WGRZ weather we might be breaking a record...
Rumor Or Real With ADRI.V
It looks like the end of an era. First Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and now Kevin Garnett!
After 21 seasons in the NBA Kevin Garnett has decided to retire. Garnett is truly leaving a legacy as one of the best defensive players in league history and to many you can say the game's most influential and …
Buffalo 'Power Cut' Scheduled!
National Grid is doing some Re-Construction on Thursday, which will affect about 933 Buffalo residents due to National Gris needing to cut power in order to do the work.
Will YOU be affected?  (SEE BELOW)
If You Are Among the Affected Area We Have 11 Tips on HOW TO SURVIVE with NO AIR-CONDITIONER…
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LeBron James has always been open about his upbringing . In a recet interview with GQ magazine, LeBron opens up about his father being M.I.A in his life -- and in a strange way he appreciates not having him in his life.
Spurs Or Heat ?
Game 7 is on tonight The Spurs vs The Heat. Personally I don't really have a favorite NBA but i'm tired of seeing Lebron rolling on the ground crying, the weird looking Chris Bosh pictures after the game, and most Heat fans are annoying band wagoners...