I have staying in my place for about a year now. This might sound embarrassing but I dont own a garbage can in my kitchen. Well, you may ask what do I use? I use grocery store bags. They are the best garbage cans every created. Just place them on a door nob and your good to go. So in January , Governor Cuomo announced that a plastic bag ban would be included in the state budget, I was shocked.

To help protect the environment, the year 2020 New York state budget that would ban plastic bag use at stores and restaurants in an effort to protect the environment. If you do not bring a reusable bag, retailers and grocery stores would be forced to charge five cents per paper bag used with purchase so how does this help my pockets?

Now that fee would not go to the retailer and it would not go to the state’s general fund, it will go straight to the state’s environmental protection fund. That fund would be created via the proposal and the governor and the legislature must have a spending plan in place by April 1.

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