We are Blessed, or lucky if you prefer, to have a Buffalo Common Council President such as Darius Pridgen.  Although he doesn't serve in a Pastoral role regarding his Buffalo Common Council affiliation, due respect for Pastor Pridgen as a Man of God and acknowledgment of his role in the pulpit obligates me to refer to him as Pastor Darius Pridgen, which I will do for the remainder of this post.

With that said, one, of many positive things, that can be said about Pastor Darius Pridgen is that he is a True Representative of the people of Buffalo as promised upon him being voted into office.  This is obviously not all the case, and quite honestly far and few between, in term of Officials who are elected but become invisible to their constituents, or at best, hard to reach.  This is not even remotely close to Pastor Pridgen's M.O.  I have personally called Pastor Pridgen, out of the blue, needing advice.  No better person to give that advice other than Pastor Pridgen.  Each time I called, he answered (a miracle) and listened silently followed by sound advice regarding my questions and situation.  It was refreshing and left me feeling like I mattered.

So I publicly and personally thank you, Pastor Pridgen, for your dedication to the people of Buffalo and not only 'our' concerns regarding the City of Buffalo but 'our' personal concerns as well.  Thank You.  Speaking for Buffalonians Pastor Pridgen, if you're reading this, thank you for representing Buffalo residents concerns regarding the newly proposed Parking Policies presented by the City of Buffalo.  It's so very energizing knowing we as a people have a voice in Buffalo through President (Pastor) Darius Pridgen and the Buffalo Common Council.

Without the help of the Buffalo Common Council and it's diligent President, Pastor Darius Pridgen, the New Parking Proposals presented by the City of Buffalo would affect us with no recourse other than acceptance.  However, because we have a Buffalo Common Council and Common Council President who are truly Faithful and Committed to the people in Buffalo, the pricey Parking Proposal has been successfully addressed and altered to better represent and fit what the people of Buffalo are willing to accept.


The New Parking Proposals got the attention of Buffalo resident, Reba Allen, who formed a 'Parking Rate Protest'  petition, online at www.change.org.

There are parts of the New Parking Proposal (Rules) that did not sit well with 'the People of Buffalo' and were addressed by Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen.


Pastor Pridgen and The Buffalo Common Council successfully affected changes to the Parking Proposal.  (Click Button Below to Watch Video)

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