It's almost November and that means Christmas is basically tomorrow, lol. If you're looking for some gift ideas for family, friends, co-workers, or even an out-of-towner. Why not give them something that screams Buffalo? We have so many unique things to be proud of and many of them would make a perfect gift. I put together a list of some ideas to get you started. Let me know if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

1. Sponge Candy

You really can't go wrong giving the gift of candy for Christmas. It makes a great stocking stuffer or an inexpensive gift for your Secret Santa at work.

Sponge candy is a crunchy, lightly toasted toffee made from sugar, corn syrup and baking soda, enrobed in a creamy chocolate coating. It is a regional confection, found primarily in the Western New York area. Many variations of the sweet treat, some with or without chocolate, exist around the world. “Fairy food candy” in Wisconsin, "seafoam" on the West Coast and “cinder toffee” in the U.K. are all examples of similar confections. However, none quite matches the taste, texture and consistency of the Buffalo sponge candy that generations of Western New Yorkers have come to embrace. ~ Niagara Chocolates


Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young

2. Buffalo Bills Gear

This one is easy. Whether you're buying for family or an out-of-towner, the Bills Mafia is all over the country, and paraphernalia is always appreciated. Now, if it's someone really special, you may even want to consider season tickets, or if you're on a budget, a pair of tickets to a big rivalry game. You can find some cool retro gear on sites like Etsy or ebay, or you can new stuff from the official Buffalo Bills store online.

3. Beef on Weck

There's no better gift than spending time with a loved one. How about taking them to enjoy beef on weck at one of these 10 Criminally Underrated Places For Beef on Weck in WNY. I know, we're all living fast-paced, sure busy lives, but if there's one thing the pandemic has taught us, it's that we don't know how much time we have on this earth, so make it count. If you just can't spare the time or it's for a co-worker or associate, get a gift certificate for them.

4. Tickets to the Buffalo Bike Tours Wing Ride

Give the gift of a memorable experience and what Buffalo is famous for, wings! Buffalo Bike Tours offers a wing ride, where you can enjoy delicious wings. The wing ride is a really unique dining experience, your gift recipient will get to enjoy amazing wings in Buffalo and get to tour the city.

Earn your wings on this fresh Buffalo food tour with samples of Buffalo's best chicken wings. On this incredible journey, we’ll dive deep into Buffalo’s most fabled and famous dish. ~ Buffalo Bike Tours

You can check out the wing ride stops and book your ride on the Buffalo Bike Tours website.

Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young

5. Cases of Loganberry

While the loganberry, which the drinks are made from, was created in the 1800s by Judge J.H. Logan in California. The drink originated here in WNY. If you have out-of-town visitors (who drove into Buffalo), get them a couple of cases of Loganberry to take back home with them.

You probably know loganberry as a drink, and if you've never tried it, it's dark red, non-carbonated, caffeine-free, and a "Buffalo thing". Loganberry was originally sold in beverage form at Crystal Beach theme park over the border. The park closed in 1989, but the loganberry drink has lived on as a unique beverage in Western New York and Southern Ontario. You've probably heard of or seen Aunt Rosie's Loganberry, which is owned by Pepsi-Cola. Another popular brand, PJ's Crystal Beach Loganberry, is owned by PJ and Carolyn Davis of Sarasoda, Inc., who both grew up in Tonawanda! ~ 96.1 The Breeze


Credit: Team Soda! via Youtube

6. Maid of the Mist Boat Tour

Touring Niagara Falls is definitely a unique and one-of-a-kind WNY experience. Taking them on the tour makes a great gift for Buffalonians who haven't taken the tour yet or your family visiting from out of town. This is certainly an experience they can't get anywhere else! The Maid of the Mist departs from Niagara Reservation State Park at Prospect Point in Niagara Flass, New York. The tours begin at 9 am and run every 15 minutes. Each tour lasts approximately 20 minutes. You cannot make a reservation. Passengers can be of any age. Call 716-284-8897 or visit its website.

"You’ve never felt the power of Niagara Falls like this before. Join us on our all-new, fully electric boats to truly experience the rush from the 600,000 gallons of water falling per second. Come feel it for yourself." ~Maid of the Mist Boat Tour

7. Buffalo Wings

Duh. Here's another easy one. This is especially great for visitors from outside of Buffalo. Of course, Buffalo wings can be found around the country, but only an authentic Buffalo wing experience can happen in Buffalo. You can get them a gift card to a Buffalo wing joint, take them out to eat, or even order in. Here are six wing spots that would be perfect.

- Kelly’s Korner, is located at 2526 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. It has a 4.4-star rating on Google.
- @ Eleven Wings & Cuisines, which is located at 3225 Main Street in Buffalo, has a 4.4-star Google rating.
- La Nova Pizza, located at 371 W Ferry Street in Buffalo, serves up pizza and wings. It has a 4.2-star rating on Google.
- Fat Bob’s Smokehouse, located at 41 Virginia Place in Buffalo has a 4.5-star Google rating.
- Buffalo Wing Kings is located at 484 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. It has a 4.3-star Google rating.
- Nine-Eleven Tavern is located at 11 Bloomfield Avenue in Buffalo. It boasts a 4.5-star rating on Google.

Or, if they are a bit more adventurous, you can try 5 Buffalo Wing Spots with the Spiciest Wings.

8. Buffalo Beer

If you haven't noticed, there is a common theme here in Buffalo...FOOD! We clearly love to eat, which gives you the opportunity to share some of our delicious cuisine and beverages with your loved ones.  For the beer-drinker in your life, why not share some of Buffalo craft beer with them?  Visit Buffalo Niagara has a list of some that you can give as a Christmas gift.  Share a beer with them, give them a 6-pack or a gift card and you'll have a happy camper.

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