Even though the Buffalo Bills don't play this Sunday, you will still have a chance to see one of the team's superstars on your television.


This Sunday the latest edition of the Family Feud Celebrity Edition will feature NFL players playing against their moms. The episode is titled "NFLPA Moms vs. NFLPA Players" and Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills will be part of the show.

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This won't be the first time that Stefon Diggs has played the Family Feud. The last time was back in 2018 when he still played for the Minnesota Vikings.

Stefon Diggs was picked to play "Fast Money" and one of his answers is not safe for work. Feel free to watch the video, but just know you will be left laughing.

Now the good news is that the other four answers that Stefon gave were good enough to help his team with the fast money round and $25,000.



If you paid close attention to the clip, you might have noticed a former Buffalo Bill playing on the other team in this episode. Former Bills QB Mitch Trubisky was on the other team that lost to Stefon Diggs' team.

As for the other Buffalo Bills players, they will be back on your television on Monday night for the team's home opener. The Bills play host to the Tennesse Titans on Monday Night as the first game of a doubleheader. Kick-off for the Bills game is set for 7:15 pm.

My prediction is that Stefon will be a winner on both Sunday and Monday nights.

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