Imagine being a Buffalo Bills fan and season ticket holder for over 25 years, and in a year like this has been, with uncertainty being an understatement, you decide that you're going to pass on your Buffalo Bills season tickets this year. There is no question that making that decision at the beginning of the season, was a lot easier to make, even for the biggest Bills fan.

According to WIVB, Eric  Matiwijow has been a Bills season ticket holder for a long time, and he missed out on the Buffalo Bills win over the Baltimore Ravens. There were 6700 happy fans in attendance, and season ticket holders get the first right of refusal on if they wish to go to the game or not. Mr. Matwijow, opted out this year.

I wasn't able to go to the games because I opted out and I see people walking by and I'm so Jealous. It hurts, Since 1987, previously I worked in the stadium parking lot and all I had to do was show my ID badge and I would see every game here at the stadium.

said, Eric Matiwjow according to WIVB.

Credit: WIVB,

Eric Matiwjow is known as the "Hammer" by many of the Buffalo Bills Mafia, he is also known for running the legendary tailgate hotspot in Orchard Park," Hammers Lot" for over 30 years.

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I know I would not want to be the season ticket holder that opted out of this year, I go to a lot of Bills games every year, but this is definitely something special to witness in person. Maybe some nice person will fly Eric to Kansas City.

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