A well-known player for the Bills got a random drug test the day after Valentine's Day.

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In pro sports, you're often subjected to all sorts of random drug testing. After all, they don't want athletes getting a big advantage over the competition. Plus, it's a PR nightmare. Look at what happened to baseball with McGuire, Sosa, and Bonds (to just name a few). An entire generation of great ballplayers probably never going into the Hall of Fame because they juiced.

Now, would they have been great players without performance-enhancing drugs? That's for you to decide.

Nevertheless, the NFL has pretty strict drug testing policies even after the season is over. We just wrapped up the Super Bowl and a member of the Buffalo Bills is already getting randomly drug tested.

Stud Defensive Tackle Ed Oliver tweeted this out. He's clearly taking it with a smile, which isn't surprising. After all, this is just normal life for these athletes. Also, let's be honest, that's life for a lot of fo people NOT MAKING MILLIONS too.

During the offseason, players have a 4-hour window to give a "specimen" for testing and can even be tested internationally, according to the NFLPA.

How do you feel about drug testing out here in the real world? Granted, you can't be dangerous to others, but what do you think is fair or unfair about it? Would love to hear from you on Twitter: @937WBLK

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