After he retired from the Bills, he decided to stay in Buffalo to live and grow his family. He is a loved business man, with restaurants and other partnerships within the community. So when a new documentary about his career is about to debut, its not astonishing that the preview of the documentary would be in downtown Buffalo and Thurman actually be in attendance.

According to WGPR, at the 716 Food and Sport  Bills fans and Thurman himself watched the Buffalo debut of "A Football Life: Thurman Thomas and this is what Thurman had to say:

"I think everybody knows about the football accomplishments but I think when you watch the film, you'll see the stuff that I have done, you'll know that I'm more than just a football player. I've given back to the community here in Buffalo," Thomas said.

The first airing of the documentary debuts at 8 p.m. Friday on NFL Network. Mark on on your DVR this should be something specials. Below are some clips of how he use to do it on the field.

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