La Verdad Cafe in Buffalo has been named one of the best BBQ joints by Yelp and was featured on

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Credit: WIVB

Insider published a listicle, “Best Barbecue Joint in Every State according to Yelp," which highlighted La Verdad for New York. You can see what BBQ spots made the list from other states at La Verdad is located at 1132 East Love Joy in Buffalo and offers diners soul food and BBQ.

“We have been everywhere and God has just been blessing us. It gives me tears. I get teary-eyed because I’m just humble. I love God, I love people and what I do is just show people the love of God and food through the way I cook.” Owner Vivian Robinson told WIVB

According to the owner's post on Yelp, La Verdad specializes in We specialize in smoked brisket, spare ribs, jalapeño mac and cheese, vegetarian items and even has its own brand of coffee. It has been open since 2018. You can even check it out during Buffalo Black Restaurant Week, which is happening now through Sunday (February 23).

"I can't say enough positive things about this place. The BBQ is FANTASTIC. Hands down the best brisket and beef rib I've had. A welcoming atmosphere and the owners are very kind and caring people. Highly recommend to anyone. Definitely lives up to the hype." ~ Jake H. via Yelp

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