Angel Mercado is truly an advocate for supporting one's own community and was completely devastated to see and watch his investment in his community burned to the ground relative to the George Floyd, Police involved, murder, and looting.  Fresh 2 Def Kutz Barbershop has been servicing the Massachusetts Street community and neighborhood for the past 15 years.

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This past Saturday the Massachusetts street community got together and organized a fundraiser to help rebuild the barbershop they feel as through is theirs.  That's the kind of guy Angel Mercado is ... someone who enjoys 'giving'.  Normally I would have to reference where I got this information regarding Angel's character, but, in this case, there is no need as Angel has been and is a close friend of mine for the past 5 years ... so I'm able to personally attest to who, and what kind of person, Angel is.

In his own words, this what Angel said about the community support over this past Father's Day weekend.

"Words cannot express the feeling that it feels to have this type of support from people that you don't even know who maybe walk past one time, and is completely backing the support on the regrowth, that they miss us already.  I kind of feel like I’m obligated to do it now because it seems like it hurt more people than just me and my family."

The fact that Angel feels obligated to move forward and rebuild is a blessing within itself because I know he will rebuild a bigger and better Barbershop to service the community he loves.  Angel and his intent upon helping and providing for people is a Blessing and God Blesses those who have the Heart to Bless others, so I anticipate the re-opening and re-building of Fresh 2 Def Kutz to be a phenomenal event.

A 'HELP BRING OUR FAMILY SHOP BACK' GoFundMe page has been set up to help rebuild Fresh 2 Def Kutz if you're interested in helping.  The business needs $50,000 to rebuild and has raised $13,843 so far.

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