I'm pretty sure most homeless people can appreciate any help they can get including housing, but not even a homeless man wants to live in a filthy place with Cockroaches.

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According to WGRZ, there is a four-story brick building on the northwest corner of the Buffalo Medical Campus. The structure has a few storefronts, but 26 apartments in the building are for homeless veterans. One of the apartments is believed to be the main cause of the Cockroach problem.

Chris Vamosy is one of the residents there, according to WGRZ, Chris said,

For the first time in my life, I'm doing better things, I'm clean now. Trying to do what I have to do, I'm free and clear of drugs, I'm off alcohol I'm trying to live a different way. I just need that place cleaned out.

In an apartment across from where Chris Vamosy is currently living, another man who had live there died in late August. His body was not discovered by police until August 24th, but it appeared that the man had passed away at least a few days earlier according to WGRZ.

The apartment was had been sitting unoccupied for weeks, and it's full of trash, pots, and pans with food still in them. According to WGRZ, the president of the housing complex said

Were not here to have people live in squalor, it seems to me that this is the epic center of the problem now

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