2 Chainz is seeing some success from his Christmas sweater line and is using some of the proceeds to give back in a major way!  The Atlanta rapper is showing off his good Samaritan alter-ego to help families in need, according to CBS 46.  2 Chainz teamed up with his TRU Foundation to help a disabled veteran named Dierdre Plater. He surprised her with furniture for her home and paying her rent for one year, he shared that he could relate to her circumstances.

“This season – well really, every season – I try to give back,” he said. “I’ve been selling these really cool sweaters with Santa Claus doing the dab […] A lot of the proceeds, I feel like, should go to families in need. And not that y’all can’t get out the mud or do it yourself; because I was raised by a single parent home. I’m just here to help jump start everything.”

Even his children joined in on the good deed. Shocked by the gesture, Plater revealed that she was struggling to make ends meet, and didn’t see the rapper’s helping hand coming.

“It’s hard to keep gas in the car, food in the house, and do everything by myself being a single parent,” said Plater. “I am on a fixed income. I love to see stuff like this happen for other people, but I never thought it would happen to me,” she said.

Warning, this is a tearjerker so grab a tissue and witness 2 Chainz give back below:

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