A case similar to the Trayvon Martin case in Florida is raising eyebrows in Baltimore, Maryland as two brothers who are white are accused of beating a black teenager back in 2010. 

The two brothers who were part of a neighborhood watch group allegedly pull over and confronted a lone black male who was walking down the street. The charges say the two surrounded the boy and began assaulting him and padding him down.  The brothers are claiming self defense because the teen grabbed a piece of wood to defend himself.  The teen claims that yes he did pick up the wood only after being pushed to the ground but then put it back down.

This case has striking similarities to the Trayvon Martin case in that an overzealous neighborhood watchman (a cop wanna-be) decided to take matters in his own hands and then claim self defense. Lawyers for the accused, Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim, are asking that the trial be delayed until the emotion for the Trayvon Martin case subsides.


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