Every month the people station will feature a new DJ inside The Go Getta Mix, with  me ADRI. V. This month Featured DJ is DJ Spin aka Da Dklub Killa!
Representing from Upstate Ny (Buffalo that is) Land of the Snow. DJ Spin aka "Big Work" is Known for smashing down nightclubs and events on ANY given night. Spin has been recognized as Buffalo's Premier Party Rocker which proclaims him as "Da Klub Killa" Currently recognized as "Buffalo Club DJ of the Year 2009-2010 by Buffalo Hip-Hop Awards..He standing in a class of his own. With His Unique DJ Delivery combined with his Aggressiveness and Undeniable passion  to "Make you Dance" Is the determination sought out by Spin at every occasion. From Hip-Hop to R&B to Pop to Old School his versatility sets him aside from many DJs who try to mimic his style! A member of a Elite DJ Crew known as the IMS Djs (NYC/Miami/Buffalo) & Founder of SnoCity DJs a Family of DJs in The Upstate Region of New York Spin and his crew continue to dominate the party scene.Spin has a long list of credentials rocking parties for  Notable Celebrities such as Keyshia Cole, SouljaBoy, & Trey Songz as well as Dj'n side by side with greats like DJ Kid Capri & DJ Drama. When not rubbing elbows with High Profile Celebs DJ Spin continues to stay humble and focused on his task to becoming one of the best DJ's in the game today!

The Go Getta Mix will give the opportunity for non-radio DJs to gain exposure and to give them an opportunity to show case their talents on a larger platform.

This opportunity is open to ALL DJs.  To enter into the mix DJs must first submit a 10 minute mixes, EPK and cue sheets for the mix. Selected DJs will later have the opportunity to submit  mixes that will be played during the first two hours of the show on Saturdays from 12am-2am. The DJs will also have the opportunity to be interviewed on the show while there mixes are being showcased.

All DJ’s desiring to mix for The Go Getta Mix must first submit a 10 minute mix. Again, this is an opportunity for ALL DJs. Please be advised that your 10 minute mix will determine you being selected!

Selected DJs will be highlighted as the featured DJ and broadcast on www.WBLK.com

If you are interested in getting in the mix, The Go Getta Mix please email me, ADRI.V at adrivradio@thegogetta.com

This is the station giving the people an opportunity, so Get in the Mix and Keep it Lock as we bring the Club to the Crib Inside the Mix, The Go Getta Mix Every Saturday starting at 12am!

Remember nothing in life is just giving to you, You have to be a Go Getta, so Go Get It and Get In The Mix!