Go Brandie!!! You're amazing!!!

Dear Brian’s World:
This is my wcw everyday her name is Brandie. Not only does she work full time but she has also cared for our son ,not mine biologically, by her self for the last three years! Alone, Until I stepped into her life (about a yr ago). Shes the strongest person ive ever met in my life dealing with the death of her father in a motorcycle accident but still being the best mother a boy could ever want and im privileged to come home to her and our boy everyday. She works, cares for him and still no matter how bad her day is I come home to a beautiful woman with a smile on her face. And we are expecting our first child together in early december. We both work full time and times are tough as they are for everyone but theres never a day I dont come home to her amazing smile and loving nurturing ways even if she’s had a bad day. She’s an amazing woman no matter what and will always be my woman crush wednesday always. Im a lucky man cuz shes just perfect.


Sincerely Anonymous

From all of us here at WBLK and Inside Brian's World, Congrats! Keep being a woman of strength, courage and resilience!

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