It's been a while since the Buffalo Police Strike Force Unit was on the streets. It was this unit that was created within a certain amount of officers that "aggressively" policed  neighborhoods in and around the Fruit Belt area.

At a press conference today the BPD, will be re-engaging the "force". Jeff Rinaldo mention this today inside his press conference. This " New Strike Force" will serve the
 B, C & E Districts  and will have the same mission of the former Strike Force, to shut-down all the BS...from Drugs, guns, gangs, looking for violation's and everything else we been seeing on TV. They will be using some of the officers that used to be on the Strike Force to help wit the "New Strike force". The BPD believe this will help hinder the continued violence.

In response to some  comments over the weekend that the Strike Force was targeted, Rinaldo responded, "Sometimes policing is aggressive. Sometimes policing does have to be very pro-active." This should get interesting! We will pro-actively keep you posted as this story develops.

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