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Even though the New York State Legislature has legalized the recreational use of Marijuana, it doesn't seem like those that are in the illegal drug trade are slowing down.

According to a report by WKBW-TV, more than half-a-ton of marijuana was seized by Border Patrol agents at the Port of Buffalo inspection station which is located at the Peace Bridge.

On Friday, March 26th, agents at the inspection station searched a commercial shipment that was labeled "paper towels and dishwasher detergent." After going through a secondary inspection, something related to the shipment manifest caused officials to want to do additional inspections.

After drug-sniffing dogs were brought in, agents discovered more than 1,200 pounds of marijuana that had been hidden in vacuum-sealed packages. This amount of weed has an estimated street value of more than $2.4 million.

Nefarious actors go to great lengths to smuggle illegal contraband into the United States. The dedicated and hardworking staff at the Port of Buffalo continue to successfully use their training and expertise to protect our great Nation.
-Gaetano Cordone, Acting Director of the Port of Buffalo

This drug seizure is just the latest in a series of high-profile drug busts that have happened in Buffalo. Buffalo Police Officers seized more than 200 pounds of weed just the other day, while four people were arrested 2 weeks ago at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport with more than $400,000 worth of Marijuana.

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