I was inspired to write this blog after reading a great article in this morning's Buffalo News.

I've been living in Buffalo now for a little over a year... but my familiarity to Buffalo ranges back to as early as ???? years ago when I was a mere 14 years-old.  It was not unusual for my Mom and Step-Dad to take a spontaneous trip to the Queen City...but it was one purpose and one purpose ONLY...BOCCE'S PIZZA....MMMMMMMM!!!!!!  It was my favorite trip!  A large, deluxe pizza (no nasty salty anchovies of course) was my FAVORITE...and still is...nothing beats it!!!!!

It has always been my claim to everyone I know that Bocce's Pizza is THE BEST PIZZA  IN THE WORLD!!!!  However...there's a problem!  Upon moving to Buffalo...and ironically moving right down the street from MY FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE...about literally 3 minutes away...THEY WON'T DELIVER TO ME...I'm assuming it's because I live in what's considered... "THE HOOD".

Okay, I'm bothered by it...but I had to ask myself...are they justified?  Do they have good reason?  I'm gonna let you answer that question!  What are your thoughts?