It's crazy to imagine all of the pain and stress Bobbi Kristina has seen in her tender life, but  the struggles continue. 2 & a half years after the death of her mother Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina is still trying to leave her demons. She is making headlines after being the potential subject of a recent blind item revealed about an abusive relationship that sounds like her. 

posted by Crazy Days And Nights:

What C list actress/celebrity offspring of a former A list couple really should watch out for her safety. That tooth she lost the other night at the hands of her boyfriend will not be the last one she loses. His drug use is out of control and when she uses, they get into fights about his cheating and spending and one of these days he is going to kill her. He almost did once, but he missed her head when he swung at her with a baseball bat and just dislocated her shoulder.

Sounds like Bobbi, and you have to wonder... Where is Oprah or Iyanla?