The Buffalo Bills have made several high-profile roster moves this year during free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft. Many feel that the Buffalo will field one of the best teams in the NFL this year.

That of course is going to be great news for the team and the fans of Buffalo. Bills fans all around the world are excited for the prospects that the next NFL season has to offer for the entire Bills Mafia.

Probably the thing that is more exciting than the potential of the new season is running into your favorite player. That giddy feeling you get when you meet that superstar player that you look up to doesn't only apply to those of us who are fans. Sometimes the biggest fans are going to be other players.

That could absolutely apply to Khalil Shakir, a rookie to the Bills who had a serious fanboy moment when meeting his Stefon Diggs.

I've been watching those dudes for a while you know, guys like Stefon to me it's just mind-blowing ya know... by the way, I'm not the type to sit here and try and be all cool and act like (I'm ok)... it's Stefon Diggs ya know so... I'm excited to learn from him.
-Khalil Shakir, Buffalo Bills Rookie Wide Receiver

Trust me I get it. I remember when I met my very first NFL player, it was the late-80s and I met the Majik-man himself Don Majkowski. Majik, who is from Buffalo, was the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and I was in total awestruck mode when I met him.

So, Khalil, we understand how you feel.

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