I’m not going to tell you to cheer up, because it’s kind of hard to do that right now.

Bills fans all over the world were kicked in the gut and had their veins run cold after watching that heart attack of a game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.

But man, what a game that was.

Many sports analysts have already referred to the playoff matchup in Arrowhead Stadium as perhaps the best NFL game they had ever seen, and Bills mafia would agree – even though yes, it still hurts and calling it a great game doesn’t make it feel any better.

There’s a reason why Bills Mafia has been called the best fanbase in the NFL, and it is our resilience to stick with our team through it all.

And if you try for a second to doubt Bills fans and our love for the team, maybe you should scroll through these tweets.

Buffalo Bills, we are all hurting right there with you, and we're going to still be behind you when you bring home a Super Bowl ring.

Let's Go, Buffalo!

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