Football season has arrived in Western New York and many people, yours truly included, are beyond excited to see the hometown team kick off another season of professional football.

There is so much to be excited about too:

  • The Bills have been looking pretty good in training camp,
  • New competition in the AFC East,
  • The construction of the new Bills Stadium,
  • Plus tons of games are in prime time.

All of this means that the Bills Mafia are poised to have lots of great things to celebrate this season.

Now if that wasn't enough to be proud of, there is another distinction that was just conveyed on Buffalo that we can hold our heads up high about.

The results of a recent survey were posted on YardBarker which ranked the smartest and not-so-smartest fanbases in the NFL.

Using data collected by, the survey looked at various fan data points like education level, social media posts, and other information to figure out which fanbase was the most intelligent.

What NFL Team Has The Least Intelligent Fanbase?

According to the data aggregated by this survey, it appears that the New York Giants have the least intelligent fanbases in all of the NFL. Giants fans are followed closely by fans of the Vikings and the New York Jets.

I can't say that I'm all that surprised by this result considering what we already know about the New Jersey York Jets and Giants.

So What City Has The Most Intelligent Fanbase?

For most of us in Buffalo and Western New York, it comes as no surprise where fans of the Giants and Jets rank. It should also come as no surprise where members of the Bills Mafia rank either.

The survey ranks Buffalo as having the most intelligent fans in the NFL. Buffalo folks achieve high marks in all of the data points to give it the top spot.

What's a better way to celebrate how the Bills Mafia and other Buffalo fans rank than going table shopping? If you need to pick up a few tables for the new season this year, for whatever safe use you can think of, check out this handy guide below.

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