The Buffalo Bills will take on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in one of the most anticipated games of the season. The entire football world will be watching as the rematch of last year's AFC title game will kickoff just after 4 pm this Sunday.

The Bills are coming off back to back wins and most analysts consider the Buffalo Bills to be the team to beat in the AFC and the only team that may stand in their way is the Chiefs. But fans of Buffalo have a new confidence in this team that led by MVP hopeful, Josh Allen.

I had a chance to speak with one of Josh Allen's teammates this past week on the West Herr Podcast. Dawson Knox is not only one of Allen's favorite targets, they are great friends. Knox revealed to us that even the players get concerned a bit when Josh Allen runs the ball and powers over defensive backs. In fact, the team has these mini bets or "incentives" to get QB1 to slide more often.

According to Knox, "almost every week we have bets with Josh for him to slide. If you slide this week without getting touched, we will do this...." The tight end went on to tell us that, "an unnamed player last week had to wear only a jock strap to walk through and that was good enough to get Josh to slide".

This team is clearly a different caliber than fans have seen in the past couple of decades. They focus and work hard but at the same time are able to relax and cut loose a bit. No matter what, they stand up for one another and collectively, are keeping the plan the same; just win the next game.

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