The Buffalo Bills are getting ready for the next round of playoff football and are preparing for the Baltimore Ravens. As the team, and their fans, get ready for Saturday night prime time football, the forecasters are calling for some snow and cold this weekend.

The weather for the last home game against the Indianapolis Colts was just about perfect by Buffalo in January standards. The sunshine was blazing on the field for a good portion of the game on Sunday. But that may change as the colder air pushes over a wide-open Lake Erie Saturday.

As of Monday, the extended outlook is calling for snow showers. But some projections are calling for lake effect snow to be a factor around Western New York.

There is no denying that this winter has been rather mild and certainly lacking in snowfall. We did have quite a bit of snow fall Christmas week and there are still some areas that have snow on the ground from that storm. But we have not seen much more than that in our area.

Will snow affect the game? Both the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens play in open-air stadiums. However, I like that the Bills will be practicing in the cold and snow for most of the week and will have, perhaps, acclimated to the conditions. Regardless, of what the affect is on the players, the fans will show up and you can bet that the nation would love to see some gold old fashion Buffalo snow as they watch the game Saturday night!

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