"I don't want congratulations when I make it, Nah I just want my dollar signs with the exclamationcause I'm a diamond in the rough the pressure shaped him, try your best to work your hardest that's my designation." - Jae Skeese


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The words shared above comes from the Buffalo Artist Jae Skeese who is now the newest member of Drumwork Music Group.

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Just last week Conway The Machine took to social media to make it official announcing that Jae Skeese is the first signing to his own empire he's building, Drumwork Music Group.

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Not only did Conway make this announcement but Jae Skeese also shared his thoughts on this moment he "Always prayed for"




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Of course, Jae Skeese is no stranger to ADRI.V's Go Getta Mix and I have been in the mix of this since we've noticed the link-up. Not only were Conway and Jae Skeese excited but I was just as excited to see this team come to join forces to create a true power pack.

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It was just a few months ago we watched Conway bring Jae Skeese out on to the Tidal stage during both his and Bennys virtual show "The Machine and The Butcher". Not only was the world wondering who is this man that can spit so well, but we back home in Buffalo was screaming at the screen, smiling from ear to ear watching another diligent and hard worker dreams come true thanks to the home team, them Buffalo Kids.

If you had the chance to listen to Conway The Machines' From King to a God  deluxe album you would have had the chance to hear Jae Skeese on "Crack In The Nineties" and "Stefon Diggs"

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Not only is he featured on The Machines album but Jae Skeese's most recent project Asphalt Calligraphy is one you should certainly listen to.

What I love most is seeing people who honor time, guard their grind, and respect the process win. I've had the honor of having a front-row seat to see Jae Skeese build, develop and launch. I'm so excited about what #TwentyTwentyDrum will bring. Check out the interview I did will Jae Skeese as we discussed working with Conway, his build-up to today and so much more!

It was just in 2019 that I sat down with Jae Skeese and we played one of my favorite songs from him, "No Congratulations" well Jae Skeese, I am happy I can say congratulations now! Salute The Go Getta

Check-out the song below


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