How fierce is Beyonce? The R&B superstar is so fierce that she continued to sing even after her earring was ripped from her ear and started bleeding. Ouch!

The incident happened during her Tidal X: 1015 concert performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in New York on Saturday night (Oct. 15). According to Billboard, while Queen Bey was performing “Haunted” it appeared that her long braid caught on to her earring and when she pulled the braid back, she also ripped part of her ear.

While fans at the concert didn’t observe it, viewers who were watching the concert online via a live stream saw it and tweeted about it.

Amazingly, Beyonce simply swiped the blood off her ear and continued to sing. She even asked the crowd, “How are you feeling?”

What a trooper!

There's no word on how badly Beyonce ripped her ear, but we have to salute the R&B queen for her professionalism. As they say in show biz - the show must go on!

Sadly, when news broke that Beyonce cut her ear, some fans decided to cut their earlobes (or wrists) and post the grizzly images on Twitter with the hashtag #CutforBeyonce. Some of the images appear to be fake, but we do not condone self mutilation. Peep the photos here.

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