Shortly after baby Blue Ivy was born to power couple Beyonce & Sean Carter, a legal battle ensued. Now the ruling is in and it could cause the Queen B to go all Shasa Fierce on that a$$. Every mother has her limit of tolerance, but as sweet as Beyonce is, this loss could cost her everything! 


As original and now infamous as the name Blue Ivy is, Bey & Jay figured 'hey let's trademark it and use it to make more profit for ourselves'. But the Carters soon found out "Who Run The World" ain't girl, but this little thing called the law; which often sides with the ones with the biggest pockets.

Not the case this time. Beyonce went to Trademark the name "Blue Ivy" to start her own Baby Clothing Line named after her 10 month old daughter and a small Boston party planning firm stepped in and sued the Carters. Blue Ivy events owner Veronica Alexander proved the company has been operating under the name since 2009.

The judge ruled in favor of the small business and Beyoncé and Jay-Z will have no legal rights to market the name Blue Ivy. You'd think this Forbes celebrity couple could have hired someone to Google the name prior to naming their first born child, if their intent was to exploit it for profit.


Other options for Beyoncé and Jay-Z may be to pay the company to give up its trademark, or to have them share the name; with Blue Ivy Events getting a small portion of Blue Ivy Carter royalties.