Ever wonder what Beyonce does in her spare time? In her new music video we find out she's just like the rest of us who like to dance around in our underwear and make up silly dances. Watch 7/11 here.

When I first heard the song I didn't really like it. But after watching the video I gotta say it's dope!

There's no real mention of the store or even the words "seven eleven", but based on the red cups and carefree behavior, I'd say 'Yonce is "Open" just like 7/11 when she's a little tipsy and turned up at the crib.

The song, produced by Detail and Bobby Johnson, can be found on the 2 CD/2 DVD BEYONCÉ: Platinum Edition, which arrives Monday featuring “Ring Off,” four new remixes, 10 live performances, and 17 music videos

Guess which rapper accused Beyonce of stealing his video concept for 7/11..... YOU GUESSED IT OG Maco Tweeted this


In the vid Queen Bey dances on the balcony of her Beverly Hills penthouse while sporting various undies and hats. OG meanwhile is shirtless while wildin' out with his buddies.