Beyonce just managed to evade a whopping $100 million dollar lawsuit after video game company Gate Five claimed she tried to illegally break a contract.

Billboard reports the gaming company wanted to use the diva's likeness to create a motion detection dance game called Starpower: Beyonce, but from their claims, she demanded more money for the deal at the last minute then decided to skip out on the contract -- a move that drove investors away and forced the company to lay off 70 people during the holiday season.

The singer's lawyers defended the artist by saying she had every right to terminate the contract if Gate Five could not come up with the $5 million needed for the project. However, the judge ruled against Beyonce, dismissing her lawsuit in 2011, on the grounds that her greediness could've scared away possible investors.

Even though the lawsuit could've went to court, Gate Five decided to settle and last week, the two parties submitted papers to discontinue the claims.