According to WGRZ, just like anything else, there are some really creative scams out there and, the Better Business Bureau is warning Bills fans ahead of the upcoming playoffs that scammers are looking to cash in.

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It was just recently announced that just over 6700 fans will be allowed in the stands for the Buffalo Bills home playoff game. The big game will take place the weekend of January 9th, and there are some safety precautions that you should be aware of if your planning to attend.

According to WGRZ, tickets went on sale on December 31, and only season ticket holders who opted into purchasing tickets earlier this year will be able to get tickets. The Buffalo Bills website says that the tickets are not transferrable and the tickets can only be accessed through the season ticket holders account.

If you see tickets available for sale on any social media sites it is most likely a scam. Tickets can only be purchased on the Buffalo Bills website, and only if you receive an email from the Bills organization. If you see any issues you can report them to the Better Business Bureau at their site here.

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