If you're a movie buff like myself, you're always feening for a GREAT Movie...the challenge is how to pick the best movie to see.  Movies are so expensive these days that you can't afford to go to every movie; you have to choose movies that are going to be worth your money. How do you do that?  I don't know ... lol... but here are the 10 Commandments I use in picking the best bang for my buck.

The 10 Commandments to Choosing a Great Movie to See:

  1. Do NOT base your decision on the Trailer ... Trailers are always going to be captivating and great but often times what you see in the Trailer is not even in the movie.
  2. Do Not ask a friend...they're taste is probably different than yours and if they've already seen the movie they're suggesting, 9 times out of 10 they will ruin the movie for you by telling you too much about it.
  3. Choose a movie with established Actors (or your favorite Actor or Actors) in it ... Big Name Stars are not likely to be in a movie that goes bust.
  4. Choose a movie that was Directed by an established Director ... you're playing Russian Roulette with your money if you choose to see a movie Directed by some no-name Director
  5. Choose a movie at a reputable Theatre.  Seating and the atmosphere you're in while watching a movie is important.  You don't want to see a movie in some dilapidated smelly run down theatre.  No matter how good the movie, if you're in a run down movie theatre, you'll spend half of your time wondering if some rodent or bug is watching the movie with you.
  6. Choose a movie with a genre or category you like ... don't see a Comedy if you don't wanna laugh or a Suspense movie if you want relax and you're feeling romantic!
  7. Choose a movie that's not gonna be jam-packed with people.  The movie you REALLY want to see may be way to crowded on opening weekend, so choose a movie that's potentially great and see that movie and put the movie you really want to see and KNOW you're going to go to see on hold until all the hoopla dies down.  Too many people in the movie there's bound to be one person who's yelling at the screen every second...and they're sitting right behind you.
  8. Choose a theatre that has great deals on popcorn, candy and drinks ... no matter how good the movie is, it will ultimately suck if you paid $100 dollars for some popcorn, candy and water!
  9. Consider seeing your movie at the Drive-In.  Often times Drive-Ins will have triple or double movie deals whereas you can do a movie marathon and make a whole 'early evening' and 'late night' event out of it.
  10. Don't choose a movie that's in 3D unless it's appropriate.  Fifty Shades of Grey in 3D is not going to get you any closer to the hot girl or guy in the movie.  Choose a 3D movie that's action packed with Special Effects worth seeing.

So with all that said, you should now be able to choose the Best Possible Movie to see this weekend.  Here are your choices within the movies being released this weekend!

NEW MOVIE RELEASES THIS WEEKEND (Partial): (lol...but be careful choosing ...each of theses Trailers is Top Notch...pay attention to the genre of the movie as the Trailer may be deceiving)








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