If you don't know by now The Butcher is coming! Well, actually he is here! Last week before the tour kicked off I had the chance to kick it with Benny The Butcher and City Boy live on air inside The Go Getta Mix as we talked getting to the bag and why they decided to turn down half of Million dollars, new artist, and The Plugs I Met tour. Check out the interview below!


After our interview I had the chance to pull up on them Buffalo Kids in Atalanta for The Plugs I Met Tour with Benny The Butcher.


I was in Atlanta for the Revolt Summit and on the last day, Saturday I knew I was leaving early because my people were in Atlanta for a tour and there was no way I was missing them in action. As as soon as the summit was over I jumped in the car and made my way over to The Plugs I Met Tour.


As we pulled up there were people out everywhere ready to see Benny The Butcher. I smiled knowing that this is a Buffalo Kid having a major impact in this new resurgence of Real Rap. We walked into the venue and there was nothing but Buffalo Kids on stage from Lo Profile, Love The Genius, Young World, Grown Jones, and Rick Hyde. Right after Rick Hyde killed the stage he introduced Benny and the crowd went wild. Backs stage as Benny took the stage I stood smiling along with a gang of people from Buffalo who made sure they flew in, drove in and just showed up to support our own. I said to myself this is what dreams come true look like. This is what despite life circumstance, the results of not quitting look like.


Seeing them on stage took me back to the time I was just an intern watching him perform while at the Unsigned Hype awards. I stood proud and I stood in excitement knowing soon they will be back in Buffalo for the Homecoming, the Plugs I Met Tour. I encouraged you not to wait to buy your tickets because this will be a sold-out show. Big up to them #BuffaloKids



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