So this morning as I am doing my daily morning scan over my social media I came across a very disturbing video that has been circulating all over the net. From what I could gather it looks like some girl walks up to the Mother of another female she had an issue with and begins to assault her while asking "Where Is Your Daughter?". Now being honest I understand that people are going to argue even sometimes fight its just a part of life where we come from, but to do this to someones Mother is beyond ok. This was straight savage and I pray that this Mother is ok and that she never has to go through this again. As far as the (Trying to be nice so I will say) "Young Women" who did this just know that Karma is real and this was totally not respected or acceptable in the streets and/or off the streets. With all that is going on in this world there are better ways to solve your problems with someone and attacking their innocent Mother shouldn't be one.

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