I have to be careful here and just give you the facts void of my opinion...but I guess I can tell you that I'm smiling and excited as I write this. This Country is in need of some encouragement from someone we are familiar with who is trusted and responsible. That person could be none other than Former President Barack Obama.

This is someone we as Americans knew, "personally" it seemed, for 8 years of our lives. Instead of controversy, we heard Al Green songs, experienced what a true American family "looked like" at least, we started fist-pumping one another, and even came to accept lifestyles which had previously been shunned and far from accepted. His words today come at a fitting and crucial time because his Presidency and attitude included all races as equal and unified which are the same sentiments being exhibited lately in the wake of George Lloyd's unfortunate experience with *A* Police Officer who ended up unnecessarily killing him.

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Here is the link to Former President Obama's full Twitter thread:

Former President Obama suggests going to the Anguish and Action Website if you'd like to be involved in "Change".

Sir, we so appreciate the encouraging words.


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