Imagine you have to live for 30 days with just the cash in your wallet. Your debit card doesn't work. You go to your bank only to find it closed and a posted note on the ATM that says "Sorry no access to account funds". This happened to thousands of people in Italy today and could realistically happen here in America. 


The Occupy Wall Street and several other movements around the globe have been warning us to withdrawal our money from the banks and join local credit unions or stuff the cash in our mattresses.

It has been made clear time and time again that the "powers that be" including the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and Wall Street only have their own interests at heart and could care less about the 99%. Just look at who was "Bailed Out" and who's economic and social conditions continue to worsen.

Simply put, the rich get richer and the middle and lower class are forced to fight for scraps. So we must pay attention to what's happening in Europe and prepare for the dominos to fall right here in the United States!


On the Banca d'Italia homepage it is written in Italian "An efficient bank, always at your side." Yet the patrons who bank their were left alone with no access to cash or online transfer of funds.

With only a short notice,  Network Bank Investments, decided to block all accounts and suspend any money transfer for a whole month. The notice was sent out 7 days ago, thus not many were able to read it.

Massimo, policeman in Milan speaks for all: when I went to pay the mechanic office for my car the bancomat did not work, nor was I able to make a transfer. Actually, they took all my money away. Now I have 20€ in my walle, a wife and two daughters, how am I going to do? My account is also where my salary goes to, so what now?









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