Good news for the follically challenged. Researchers at Japan’s Tokyo University of Science conducted tests on hairless mice, implanting bioengineered follicles created from stem cells into their skin. Hair then grew on the mice, which means that a cure for baldness could be on the horizon.

This news means a lot of things to a lot of people.

What’s impressive and of note for chrome domes, besides the fact that the lab rodents eventually grew hair, is that it continued to regenerate in new, normal cycles after old hairs fell out.

What should make the Republicans happy is the fact that the researchers found that hair follicles can be grown by harvesting adult stem cells. Normally, stem cells need to be extracted from embryos – very controversial for the GOP, who consider it a life- in order to grow into new tissue or organs.

The PETA militia, who likely hate on the scientists for testing on rodents, should be happy since the bald mice benefitted by growing hair. That had to boost their self-confidence, right? Since one of the tenets of the group’s beliefs is that animals have feelings.

These discoveries, coupled with prior research and technology, mean there is hope for the cueballs.

Clinical research is hoped for in the next three to five years. Be patient, baldies. Don’t order that deluxe comb set just yet.

[Via Yahoo]

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