Ousted ‘X Factor‘ rapper Astro and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z are both of an ‘Empire State of Mind,’ being Brooklyn exports and all. But that’s as far as the association goes. For now. Those rumors that the Hova had already scooped up Astro for a record deal immediately following his exit from the show? Not true, so says Astro.

The rapper wunderkind told MTV that “I don’t have a check or a contract, so as far as I know, I’m not signed.” Astro, 15, also said, “I have never met anyone from Roc Nation. I’d love to, but I’m not signed right now to anyone. Nobody ever hit me up about that — just go on the Internet and it’s up there. But I’m not signed as far as I know.”

And he would know, after all. Despite being a free agent right now, Astro has gotta be fielding offers, and one from Jay-Z is bound to come down the pike sooner than later.

As for the Astronomical Kid’s preferences as to where to sign? The dripping-with-confidence rapper wants to end up in a place where he is happy and his only wish is for a healthy, creative environment. He said, “I just want to be in a place where I am comfortable, 100 percent. I just want to be able to release my music and do my movies, where everything is fair. I want to have fun doing it. I don’t want music to be a job for me.”

He just wants to do his movies, yo! Gotta love this kid’s swagger.

Watch Astro Interview With MTV

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